Mickey's House and Meet Mickey is a walk-thru attraction in Mickey's Toontown. It opened in 1993. The attraction is a place to meet Mickey.

Places of Interest Edit

  • Bedroom - Where Mickey sleeps. Inside his room you can see his black shoes he wears in the parks as well as the famous suit he wears in the parks. Also is a photo of Minnie and a sloppy bed
  • Living Room - A semi small living area complete with television, chair and couch. Pluto's doggy bed and toy bone can be seen as well.
  • Kitchen - Donald Duck and Goofy visit Mickey often, which shows in his kitchen. What can be seen are splats of paint all over the wall and footprints of Donald and Goofy.
  • Backyard - Mickey's backyard which holds Pluto's doghouse as well as a vegetable garden. The exit from the backyard also leads to Mickey's garage.