• Hi,

    I was actually starting a wiki with this very name when I was told it already exists.

    Name: Jim - 51 - Carson City, NV

    Worked at the Park in 1985 (Main Street West Merch & SIP), Studios in 1991 (Pictures & TV IT). Founding member of the Disneyland Mac User's Group. Board Member of Mickey's Mac Club at Imagineering. Been collectiong park merch since I was a teenager. Best piece is original mid 50's brass and copper id badge (only 1 of 6 known to still exist - mine was the refernce my friend in Cast Communications used for the 45th anniversay replica). Avid park postcards collector and friend of the late Bruce Gordon.

    I see there's only two of you and not much has been done. I have a wealth of knowledge and plenty of reference materials (been doing this collecting gig for a while now).

    As I have time, I'd love to have full access to really build this wiki into the number one resource for the DLR.

    Please email me if you're willing to bring me on board:


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